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    Remodeling design classic, carefully crafted every detail

Industrial design service

We provide integrated services such as product planning,
creative design, research and development, manufacturing for customer
through comprehensive strength of the whole industry chain and transposition thinking of design pattern,
in order to achieve better business and social value as well as sustainable development.

Design research

User is the starting point of product design, but also the end.
We take users as the center, according to the enterprise's orientation, based on elements of people, machine, environment to proceed deep,thorough, objective research, to lay a solid foundation for the design output

Appearance design

We have years of cross domain product design experience, with passionate design team and consummate management mechanism, to think and design from the corporate brand and the user's dimensions.

Structure design

Excellent structural design supported us to achieve a myriad of creative products, which contains solid structure underlying their superior appearance, to provide a full range of solutions for enterprises with products’ implementation.

Development design

In many fields involved more than 20 years experience engineers and technicians with design and development area, especially at the field of intelligent hardware, NBC, robotics, automation, etc., helping the customer to provide overall solutions like the definition of product function, hardware development and testing, software development and testing, functional prototype development and debugging, etc.

Five advanced fields

Based on the consummate industrial chain and powerful design platform,

we have the ability to allow customers to obtain competitive advantage from the beginning of product development,

to enhance the market value of product and its brand.



Intelligent technology

“All things are connected” era requires a variety of intelligent hardware as the carrier of Internet, intelligent hardware industry has developed rapidly.

ARTOP set foot in the field of intelligent technology products quiet early, has gained rich experience in design and development, such as robot, intelligent communication, VR, UAV, intelligent home etc..



Household appliance

Household appliances as a necessity of life has developed rapidly by following the pace of Internet development.

We own mature design method and comprehensive customer base, including Huiermei, Midea, Gree, Haier, Changhong, SUPOR etc., starting from the needs of users, standing the view of customer to improve products and brand image.




Health and medical care

In this era of health care, the development of health care field has reached an unprecedented height, and penetrated into all aspects of life.